Matthias Zenter began his career as a writer and photographer for travel magazines and then as an editor and graphic designer for diverse TV and cable channels in Germany.  In 1995, co-founded Velvet , and developed it into an internationally recognized studio of motion design, broadcast design, art, events and installation concepts. Zentner has produced work by blending art direction, cinematography, styling and sound design into a seamless whole for numerous clients like: Häagen Dazs, Mercedes Benz, Bombay Sapphire, Crown Hotel, Zain, Fiat, Showtime Networks, Asian Games, Motorola, Mariott, Illy, Clorox, Toyota, Ford, Audi, Hyundai, Canon etc. He has worked all over the world and won numerous awards for his unique style of TV commercials.




Sean’s advertising career includes highlights such as his distinctive ‘Kill The Gun’ commercial for Choice FM that has globally won 36 awards. His work is features rich detail and attention to visual execution, the resulting films are standout, engaging and playful.

Sean has won a number of leading industry awards: D&AD, Cannes Lions, RTS, Creative Circle and a gold at Campaign Big Awards. In addition to his commercial film making, he is a successful advertising photographer. Notably, Campaign magazine ranked him no.3 globally and his expertise across both disciplines is regularly commissioned across single campaigns.

Sean has recently completed his short film, 'Counting Backwards', based on a true story and written by BAFTA winning writer Geoff Thompson.





In the mid 1990s, Stadler moved from still photography to commercial directing. He has directed commercials for clients, including BMW, Smint, T-Online, Swisscom, Guiness and Mercedes Benz. His projects meld the techniques and conventions he perfected during his years as a fashion photographer with the strong visual and musical storytelling that are inherent to European spots.He has been the recipient of dozens of awards in New York, London, Cannes and Montreux. His short film "8cht" won accolades at the Goethe Institute and Bilbao Film Festivals in 1998. In 2005 he directed his first feature film, Dead Fish starring Gary Oldman and Robert Carlysle.




Jan went to school in Canada and loves Danish design stuff. Today he works mainly in Berlin and Copenhagen. Right after finishing high school, he started producing for an advertising film production in Munich, where he was responsible for clients such as Burger King, BMW and Mini. He studied directing at the Munich School of Film and Television for a semester, but followed his passion for photography in NYC where he assisted numerous Beauty photographers. Back in Berlin in 2009 went back to directing. After working for fashion brands mainly, he also directed music videos and TVCs for FMCG.Today, Jan lives in Berlin with his family and teaches Photgraphy and Film. He is currently working on his long term project, the TV-Series "Wolfpack" about submarines in WW2.




Manfredo was born in Italy in 1956 and obtained his master’s degree in Art Direction at the European Institute of Design (I.E.D.).

He started working as a copywriter and later he became Executive Producer and Director for 'Film "77'. He has directed 700 films, primarily adverts and documentaries, both in Italy and abroad.  Manfredo's close attention to detail, artistic eye, passion and complete dedication to the industry leave the viewers of his masterfully shot films with an indelible impression.

He has directed for popular brands such as Nestlè, Campari, KFC, Cadbury, McDonald's, Chanel, Ferrero, Danone, Carlsberg, CocaCola,  Duvrai, Lavazza, Nescafè, Pizza Hut, President, Hochland and others, and has been awarded advertising prizes, including the Italian Advertising Festival, Clio Awards in N.Y., Saudi Festival Awards and Ermis Award Greece.


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